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Questions to… Philip Davies MP

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Philip Davies MP (Conservative – Shipley, West Yorkshire) is quite an out-spoken gentleman. He’s the parliamentary spokesman for ‘CAMPAIGN AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ and is quoted of asking ‘is it offensive to black up or not… particularly if you are impersonating a black person‘.

Check his letters to ECHR chair Trevor Philips (Equality and Human Rights Commission) here –http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/dec/18/philip-davies-political-correctness-campaign

He’s also set up the ‘BETTER OFF OUT’ campaign which calls for the UK’s complete withdrawal from Europe –http://www.tfa.net/betteroffout/. In my interview he claims that the EU a ‘backwards- facing, inward-looking protection racket?’ In particular he fingers French farmers for adding £1000 on to our yearly food bill.

He was also one of only 5 MP’s to vote against the Climate Change Act – ‘why should we risk the UK’s economic prosperity?‘ Mr Davies claims climate change is an advantage to certain countries and we also, should ‘bank’ on these positives now in order to pay for, if  any, negatives in the future.

Also discussed are the reason why the public have a right to know what Jon Venables did in order to be sent back to prison, why MP’s should continue to be able to employ spouses, and how personal ambitions can obscure political integrity.

Here’s his wikipedia as well – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Davies

I interviewed him at his home on Saturday 6th March 2010 to try to understand his slightly controversial thinking. Below is the interview question by question. I hope you find them thought-provoking and please feel free to leave comments below.

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Written by Robert Dale

March 8, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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