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if those were Nick Clegg’s ‘skeletons in the closet’ then really he’s pretty clean

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The British have a ‘more insidious cross to bear’ because of their sense of moral superiority, than the Germans do in respect of Nazi guilt. This according to what was actually a rather interesting and provocative article Mr. Clegg wrote while an MEP back in 2002.

To be blunt though, who cares what any MEP had to say eight years ago?

It’s pretty obvious that the longer this general election campaign went on, the more Nick Clegg would come under scrutiny from the media. But if this is the worst skeleton the Lib Dem leader has in his closet then really he appears not too dirty at all. Still though, the transformation from Winston Churchill to a Nazi was the narrative told in the tabloids last week.

But what about the details of Mr. Clegg’s rather privileged background that emerged last week too? It turns out that Clegg is just as posh as Cameron – the son of a success banker, Nick went to a rather nice private school, holidayed in French châteaus and has Russian aristocracy in the family tree.

But whilst a comfortable upbringing has been somewhat of a plague upon David Cameron, the electorate haven’t yet expressed such venom towards Mr. Clegg’s roots. As the polls continue to show the British public continue to connect very well with the Lib Dem leader.

The question therefore appears not to be where did you come from? but how much to you care for people who weren’t as privileged as yourself?And it’s this sense of sincerity for the poor and vulnerable which really hasn’t come through for the Tories for a good few years now.

As proved by their corporate-sponsored attack on Labour’s planned increase in national insurance, the Tories are the voice of big business and they operate through a City of London perspective.

The Conservatives have and are trying to offer help to employees and the unemployed, but their message seems forced and is far from convincing the general public. So it is for this clear and simple reason why many of the ‘votes for change’ are now heading in Mr. Clegg’s direction.


Written by Robert Dale

April 26, 2010 at 9:10 am

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