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Questions to… the UCU (University and College Union)

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What is the UCU? Who do they represent? Why are we hearing so much about them at the minute?

What will a decrease in staff mean for educational provisions? What will the staff-to-student ration become?

It takes two-to-tango – have the UCU been acting as responsibly and reasonably as they suggest?

Why just two hours after releasing a joint statement with the University saying discussions were progressing well did the UCU announce its intentions to lead a strike on Thursday? Is this acting in ‘bad faith’ as Michael Arthur declared?


This report estimates 625-700 university job losses – what will be the repercussions of these on the wider local community?

Leeds VC Michael Arthur is the Chair of the Russell Group which represent the top 20 Universities in the country) – does this then mean he is trying to set a precedent here for the other Universities to follow?

Why stop teaching? There are other available actions that could be taken- don’t mark coursework, stop all research projects for example. And what if even after the strikes there remains no agreement?

Is the fundamental reason to all current problems in higher education the growth of economic policies that require universities to operate as a business?


Written by Robert Dale

March 18, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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